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Contact VP

(( VaginaPagina Public Correspondence ))

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( Contact VP )

What is this place?

contact_vp (CVP) is a place for vaginapagina members to post and contact the VP Team. Members may ask questions here about community rules, and also offer suggestions and feedback. The maintainer team will monitor this community and respond to posts on a regular basis.

contact_vp was born from the rather smart ideas of VPers and is inspired by st_discussion.

How is CVP different from email?

There are three ways to get in touch with us:

[1] For public correspondence, make a post in contact_vp.
[2] For private correspondence with all the SSMs, send your emails to vpteam @ vaginapagina.com.
[3] For private correspondence with individual SSMs, click here.

contact_vp is simply an additional way for you to touch base with us (and other VPers) about VP issues. We're offering contact_vp to help make how we do things even more transparent (read: so it doesn't seem like things happen mysteriously/in secret/behind closed doors). Please be aware that this is a place for open and public discussion.

What kinds of things do people post about here?

We expect the most common questions that motivate folks to post here will be along the lines of:
+ "Would this hypothetical post be on-topic for VP?"

+ "Is XYZ comment OK to make?"

+ "Would you consider tagging XYZ post for archival purposes?" (Please provide a link in this case.)

+ "I have an idea about VP policy/rules/tools/resources!"

+ "Why was my post/comment deleted?"

+ "Why was I banned?"

+ "There is a possible safe space violation in XYZ post." (Please note that if you're coming to report a potential safe space violation, we require that you leave the corresponding link[s] for our reference.)

The VP Team is glad to answer these questions in detail, including possibly reposting examples of offending passages for all to see and discuss (remember, it's a public forum).

If you would prefer to talk in a non-public confidential forum, please email us rather than posting here. Keep in mind that although email is confidential between you and us, we work as a consensus; that means your email may be shared with all the maintainers. We never share your correspondence with anyone outside the VP Team, however.

What are the rules here?

This is an "ask us anything"-type community, but since all discussions are public, be prepared for the answers. While disagreement, constructive criticism, and suggestions are welcome, ranting, trolling and breeding negativity are not. We want members to have an open forum for discussion and questions, and we want to be open to dialogue, but please remember to keep things respectful and constructive.

Some other ground rules:
+ Stay on topic. Posts should have something to do with vaginapagina; if they don't, they will be deleted.

+ Save your actual vagina-related questions (or women's health questions, etc.) for vaginapagina, unless there's some specific reason why you need to bring them here to the maintainers. Random yeast infection posts and the like will be redirected to vaginapagina and/or deleted from this community.

+ No flaming, trolling, or any form of drama meant to incite negativity. That sort of behavior will just get you banned from this community as well as VP.

+ Leave comments turned on, otherwise we can't help you and your post will be deleted.

+ Please, for the sake of our eyes, post using only standard font sizes and colors. Also, we ask that you avoid netspeak.

+ No community promotion (though it's fine to post here to ask us if you may promote your community in VP). Community promotion is always welcome in community_promo.

Who runs CVP?

The team that maintains VP and CVP are one and the same.

Thank you all for being active VP members!

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